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About Us

This website is the public face of The Prophecy Society, founded by Dan Bruce in 2007 for the purpose of explaining the Bible’s prophecies and history to the world. Admittedly, that is a challenging goal, but with the worldwide web and together with the work already being done by many thousands of other outreach ministries and churches, it is a goal that is attainable for the first time in history. Dan’s goal is to help people everywhere understand that the Bible is not merely a document full of interesting stories from ancient times but is a living source of Truth that has a vital spiritual message for men and women seeking certainty in today’s complicated and fast-paced modern world.

In 2023, Dan moved his outreach efforts from to this website, where the emphasis is still on examining and explaining Bible prophecy, which we believe is the only real and true kind of prophecy that there is in this day and age. By definition, Bible prophecy is God-given prophecy that comes true 100% of the time. That total accuracy is the unmistakable identifying mark of real prophets and true prophecy. So, don’t expect to find any discussion of prophecies by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the other less-than-100%-accurate “false prophets” discussed here. Only genuine prophecies, those recorded by Bible prophets, are examined on this website.

Also, it should be noted that our research is not based on, derivative of, or associated in any way with the work of any of the following groups or persons who have been active in the field of prophecy and sacred chronology: The Watchtower Society, The Seventh-day Adventist Church and its Biblical Research Institute, The Institute for Creation Research and similar “creationist” groups, Donovan Courville, Rolf Furuli, David Rohl, Peter James, Immanuel Velikovsky, et al. It is important to note that there are two things that other prophecy-oriented groups do that we don’t do here. We don’t sensationalize catastrophic end-time events with manmade scenarios (no cars and buses careening off freeways or 747s falling out of the sky for us, we’ll leave that to Hollywood and television entertainment evangelists) and we don’t do any “date setting” for future events.

We are not prophets, and we don’t hear voices or speak in tongues to receive new revelation from God. We are Bible expositors and teachers, that’s all. What we do is unglamorous and straightforward, but nevertheless profound. We document fulfilled prophecy by examining predictive prophecy as it is recorded in the Bible, comparing what the prophetic text says to past events that are documented in recorded history, and then we explain where the two match one another, but only if the match is exact. A valid interpretation of a predictive prophecy in the Bible will always agree with both the biblical text and recorded history exactly, without having to compromise or approximate either.

As the guiding principle of our Bible research, we believe that the only valid use of predictive prophecy and its fulfillment is that of serving as a testimony to the reality of the Living God of the Bible and his authority over all things in all ages.

Our Identity Online

Everything we publish is made available on this website. We assume that you figured that out for yourself, but, just in case, we thought it best to head off any confusion about our online Christian identity since we are not the only entity called “Prophecy Society” (or some variation) on the internet, it seems. For example, a Google search will turn up a YouTube video promising to reveal secrets about the Illuminati made by some group using the same name as ours but not associated with our organization in any way. Likewise, a search for our founder “Dan Bruce” will turn up an author in Europe who writes erotic novels, but that author has no connection with us, either. And, unfortunately, a Google search for the phrase “Pastor Dan Bruce” will bring up files about an Assembly of God pastor in South Carolina who has been accused of pedophilia, and some have used that coincidence of names to try to discredit my work. Needless to say, that isn’t me! As for the social networks, the Prophecy Society and me personally have deleted our Facebook account, since we believe most social media outlets to be Satanic in ownership and operation, but we are trying Twitter again now that its ownership has changed.

Our Method of Biblical Research

The biblical research being done by us differs somewhat from the scholarship being done at better-known and more academically-prestigious seminaries and schools of biblical studies. For the most part, we use the same Bible texts and strive to adhere to the same high academic standards, but employ a different methodology.

The past one-hundred years or so have witnessed an incredible amount of biblical scholarship, especially at the university level. Unfortunately, the attitude of most modern Bible scholars has been to doubt everything, then zero in on the things that can be “proven” by human reasoning alone. That approach works well for scientific inquiry, but not so well for understanding the Bible, because by using that approach the possibility of the supernatural is left out of the process. The resulting God (and the resulting Jesus in Christian scholarly circles) becomes more and more a manmade creation.

Here the opposite approach is taken. The Bible, all of it, is accepted as the inspired Word of God, accurate in its details as revealed and transmitted to this generation. We base our biblical research on the assumption that belief comes first, then understanding. In other words, we believe that through faith comes the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, who, using the evidence provided in the Holy Scriptures, testifies to us inwardly and accurately about God the Father and God the Son. We feel that it is on that basis of belief first––and on that basis alone—that meaningful biblical research can advance understanding of God’s plan and purpose for mankind.

Our Position on Social Issues

As for our positions on the secular social issues that have come to dominate much of the public image and visible activity of modern Christianity in America today, we follow the example of Jesus and the Apostles who never once used government or politics to bring about spiritual ends, so we don’t get involved in either. We believe that the mission of the church is to preach the Gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus and to equip the saints to do so. We are in no way affiliated with the Social Justice trend that has sidetracked many churches, nor do we support the LGBTQ+ agenda in the church. So, we as a Christian organization don’t make it a point to argue in the secular arena with advocates of those controversial topics, nor do we join efforts to pass laws controlling marriage, sexual conduct, or female reproduction. Instead, we try to follow the ministry example of Jesus and put all of our efforts and resources into spreading the Gospel and training the saints. Having said that, we do encourage Christians acting as individual citizens to influence the general society and elect public officials that will work to adopt laws and regulations that reflect Bible teachings about societal conduct.

Our Present Outreach Focus

In recent years, certainty about the Bible and its message of salvation has been weakened by doubt among religious professionals, so we are dedicated to reversing that trend. We believe that publishing and distributing Bible-based exposition that demonstrates the accuracy of the biblical text is the best way we can use our limited resources to help religious professionals of all denominations and faiths consider the proposition that the Bible is true and dependable in its details, as evidenced by its prophetic and chronological precision down through the ages, and to believe that its authority is made manifest through the sure word of its prophecies, which our publications show have been exactly fulfilled in history. We feel that this type of outreach is the most important work we can do at the present time.

About Our Founder

Dan Bruce is a research chronologist, Bible expositor, and avid student of both ancient and modern Jewish history. He was raised Southern Baptist, but in recent years has preferred to be non-denominational in his faith and practice. His chronological research is Bible-based, but it is not intended to advance any particular man-made doctrine or creed. He currently resides in a small suburban community on the far outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. Dan can be reached by telephone at 770-922-1889 between 10 am and 9 pm weekdays and Saturdays, and after 2 pm on Sundays, Eastern Time. And, just for the record, see No, I am not a prophet!

Funding for This Website

Dan Bruce donates his time and research results (books, papers, etc.) to this website at no charge, and pays all associated website expenses (website hosting fees, software needed to produce pages and books compatible for internet viewing, etc.), as well as outreach expenses (postage and supplies for mailing books to rabbis and other religious professionals, etc.), out of his pocket, and has done so since this outreach ministry began in 2007. Having said that, donations from website users can help support the work of this ministry, and gifts are very much appreciated and put to good use.

But before you donate, check out our Core Beliefs.