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The publications presented on this website are the result of many years of Bible study, research, and prayer. As the author of the information presented here, I will gladly answer questions and discuss the chronology and exposition of prophecy that I have presented in my books or articles, which means that you should have read at least one of my books or articles prior to contacting me to engage in discussion. You should start our discussion by stating which books or articles of mine you have read from end to end.

If you are contacting me to disagree with anything I have written in any of my books or articles available on this website, that’s perfectly fine, but you should be prepared to show where I’m wrong based only on referencing the biblical text (the sixty-six books in the traditional Canon) and documented history. During the two-dozen years that I have made my books available for public criticism, no one has been able to show where what I have written does not agree with the biblical text and documented history.

However, if you think that I have made a mistake or perhaps even multiple mistakes in calculating my time line for Bible history, start by focusing on the single most critical mistake you think I have made and present your arguments about that mistake as described above. Don’t ask me to discuss dozens of supposed mistakes all at once. Just one at a time. If you can convince me that I have made a mistake in my biblical chronology, then we can go from there.

I don’t claim infallibility, but you need to show me where I am wrong using only the biblical text and documented history. I will not be persuaded by your recap of what “Dr. So-and-So” may have written in his or her commentary or study Bible. I have already read hundreds. Also, I am not interested in rehashing denominational differences on eschatology.

Note that I don’t research Bible chronology further back in time than the birth of Abraham. That means I stay away from pointless speculation about the year of Creation, nor do I speculate about dates for future events, in both cases because Scripture says we can sense eternity but cannot know the beginning or end of God’s work (Ecclesiastes 3:11b).

Finally, if you don’t believe that the Bible is inspired and inerrant in its chronological and historical details, we really have no basis for productive conversation about Bible chronology and chrono-specific prophecy.

I have been researching Bible chronology and prophecy for almost fifty years, and the results of my research are set forth in their most cogent form in my books. The time line displayed in all of those books is harmonized so that all of the chrono-specific elements given in the biblical text fit together to tell one continuous story.

And, it goes without saying that any correct interpretations of Bible prophecy and chronology must always precisely agree with the biblical text and documented history, and do so with both at the same time. There is no room for equivocation, approximation, or guesswork since the Bible is a record of actual events that happened in real time. Thus, there can be only one unique time line that yields a correct understanding of both biblical and secular history.

Keep in mind that I don’t try to answer questions about every Bible topic, but only on those portions of the Bible for which I am confident the Lord has given me permission to share understanding with the Church on this website and in my books and articles.

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