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Why is there no open forum?

Several people have emailed me to ask why this website doesn’t have an open forum so that the public can discuss the Bible in real time. The cartoon shown above sums up the main reasons I have chosen not to do so.

Usually very little exposition based on the Bible takes place on such forums. It’s mostly people, quite often many with anti-Bible views, sharing non-Bible-based opinions and “pet” theories. Plus, it takes an inordinate amount of time to monitor forum participation in order to prevent error in biblical exposition from being presented to the public.

A convenient way for you to share your questions and share comments with me is provided by using the “Contact Us” link shown in the footer of every page, and you can also do so by email by using the mail icon at the top in the sidebar.

Be assured that I do enjoy hearing from you. I will try to answer questions about the material posted on this website or presented in my books as time allows.

If your question or comment adds to our knowledge base for understanding the Bible, I will add it to this website and, with your permission, credit you by name. For questions about topics not specifically covered in my books and articles, I refer you to your local church since the Lord has not given me the authority to take the place of your pastor and church elders in those matters.

I hope this hasn’t discouraged you from corresponding with me when you have questions or feedback. Like all Christian writers, I enjoy hearing from those of you who have read and want to understand what I have written and/or who have found my research useful for strengthening your faith. Words of encouragement are always welcomed.—Dan Bruce

In the meantime, enjoy looking around at our various discussion sections linked below, and feel free to comment or ask a question by using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of every page.


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