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Small donations can do wonders!

Dan Bruce, Founder of The Prophecy Society
Dan Bruce, Author Bible Expositor

If you have read the books on prophecy and chronology offered on this website, which is the place where the Bible research of The Prophecy Society is presented to the public, or if you have looked around and have read some of the articles on this website, you will have discovered that we are doing cutting-edge Bible research and exposition.

If you enjoy the services provided on this website and if you agree with our evangelistic outreach efforts to show the internet world that the Bible is true and trustworthy in all of its details, including its chronology and history, there are two things you can do to help us further that goal: Remember us in prayer from time to time and tell your friends about our books on Bible prophecy and chronology.

Also, consider becoming a supporter. Each year I draw up the Prophecy Society budget for this website and other services for the coming year. Since 2007, both have been exclusively financed by my limited fixed retirement income, book sales, and occasional gifts from website users. In view of the growth of people coming to this website from more than 189 countries at last count, more funds are needed.

Some annual “fixed” expenses for doing this research and outreach ministry:
Website hosting and maintenance fees: $350.00
Programs for developing books and servicing website: $1400.00
Utilities (telephone, postage, etc.): $200.00 to $800.00 (varies)
Shipping Supplies, Postage, etc.: $800.00 to $1200.00 (varies)
Cost of books sent to religion professionals: $500.00 to $1000.00 (varies)
Salaries: $0.00

In the coming year, I hope to buy a new computer to replace our 8-year old equipment, update the expensive computer programs used for producing books and running this website (e.g., we need to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud for $84.99 per month), plus we hope to buy some video equipment and editing programs to begin offering YouTube videos and podcasts later this year. And of course, there is the cost of distributing our printed books (we pay a print-on-demand fee for producing each book we distribute) to rabbis, seminary professors, and religion professionals.

So, if you want to help our outreach ministry, you can use the “Donate” button at the bottom of this page. Also, buy a book, which hopefully will expound something about the Bible that you did not previously know or understand. At the same time it will give us additional funds to produce and display more teaching materials for you and others to enjoy. Visit our bookstore.

If you do decide to join with us by making a modest donation, be assured that your gift will be applied to the cost of doing Bible research, reaching out to the world through this website, and continuing our mailings of evangelistic materials to religious professionals (pastors, rabbis, and other people working in religion professions). We put every dollar donated into funding our website maintenance and outreach efforts, but there is always a need for more funds than we can provide from our book sales, so we ask the Lord to provide for our ministry needs through the generosity of our website users. Since we do not incur debt, and no one gets a salary, all donations go to future work.

PS—Whether you donate to this ministry or another, we salute you for making your resources available so that the Lord can accomplish his will through you. May God continue to bless your obedience to his calling.—Dan Bruce