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Our Videos

Some of you have requested simplified explanations of our interpretations of various prophecies. We are beginning to prepare key passages in video format (using Power Point) for viewing on our YouTube channel here  or select one of our latest videos below.

📹 Proof of God in Less Than 15 Minutes (Daniel 8:1-14)
This 13-minute video is a challenge to anyone who does not believe in God. It presents verifiable evidence of God’s existence that is backed up by documents from history and the biblical text. Available as a Slide Show.

📹 The Times of the Gentiles Ended in 1967 (Luke 21:24)
This 5-minute video examines what Jesus said about the “times of the Gentiles” in Luke 21:24, and shows how both of the criteria Jesus set forth for its duration have been met. Available as a Slide Show.

📹 The Fourth Beast and Ten Horns in Daniel 7 (Daniel 7:23-24)
This 4-minute video identifies the four beasts and ten horns described in the seventh chapter of the Book of Daniel. Expositors have incorrectly interpreted them as Roman emperors. Available as a Slide Show.