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Statement on the Gaza War

Several people have asked if the Gaza War currently underway was predicted in the Bible. Other than the generalized statement spoken by Jesus saying that there would be wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24:6-13), no it wasn’t.

The Bible’s time-specific prophecy doesn’t work that way. Its purpose is to verify the omniscience and authority of God, and to do that a time-specific prophecy can only be understood after the predicted events have happened in real time.

Anyone who says that they received and understood a prophecy foretelling the current Gaza War before it happened and did not warn Israel has the blood of hundreds of Israeli Jews and Israeli Palestinians on their hands.

Now that misconception is cleared up, what can we as Christians do that will help the people of Israel and especially our fellow believers in Yeshua living there under threat. For now, we can ask God to keep them safe from harm.

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